Rose Romita, a well known downtown local figure, came to Barrie 23 years ago. As a single mother of twins, Rose felt that Barrie was an excellent community to work, live, & raise her children. Rose loved running her own business & opened her first restaurant on Maple Ave.

"Rosie" as she was affectionately known has operated a number of restaurants & businesses in downtown Barrie.

   In 1995, Rose held her first Christmas Dinner for the homeless, serving 50 dinners. With the help of volunteers, corporate donors, & local media, Rose's Christmas, Easter, & Thanksgiving Dinners have become an eagerly awaited event by both volunteers, & those who are graciously thankful for the hearty meals on a special occasion which is currently serving 800 meals & growing!

It has become a community dinner that everyone from all walks of life have joined the party- homeless, single individuals, seniors, international students- anyone & everyone looking to join as one is welcome.

   Early in 2009, Rose closed the doors to "Rosie's Diner", located downtown, to focus full time on "Catering By Rose". Rose missed the amazing feeling she got from helping the less fortunate, & the community of Barrie, that it has become her dream to open a transitional house for the individuals who are actively seeking change.

     ...As you know with Rose

                 ... Where there's a will, there's a way!

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....Rose in the community